Some of my Homies…

Over the past few years I have been lucky enough to cross paths and become friends with some people who I consider to be some of the Gold Coast’s most talented designers, artists and arts workers. As well as friends, these people are constant sources of inspiration and motivation; they are mentors.

Below are a just few of these people who you should totally check out. I’m sure I’ve missed some really important people so stay tuned for another post like this shortly…

Josh ‘Kid 9′ Thorsen – illustrator, designer, sneaker freaker

Dominique Falla Рtactile typographer, illustrator, moulder of young minds

Andrew Suggit – art director, designer, artist, weatherman

Claudio Kirac – art director, photographer, designer, artist

Shida Рartist, muralist, artist, artist!

Brandon Els – designer, artist, photographer, magazine publisher

Kiel Tillman – designer, artist, art director, new father

Mariam Arcilla – artist, curator, arts worker, total badass

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  1. Peter Holland says:

    Awesome collection. Thanks for directing me. Great company breeds great work and you are lucky, it seems, to have such great mentors. Loving the blog.

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